Danish Lessons - Part 2

8th Jan 2020, 10:00 AM in Welcome to Mistika
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Danish Lessons - Part 2
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Owl_Ask 8th Jan 2020, 10:00 AM edit delete
Lutz has created a monster! Haha.

Lutz has never heard Mathias speak Danish prior to this, so he was kinda shocked how (fast) Danish actually sounds like (those language apps don't really make the language sound real in my opinion). If you too have no idea what Danish sounds like, check this podcast about republic Rome I tried to listen once (and then realised my vocab isn't good enough to understand all of it). You'll get the gist of it. XD

I totally relate with Mathias though. Not being able to speak often in your mother tongue makes you grasp every opportunity to do so, like Gollum clutching the ring and not letting it go. Hahaha. It does however freak everyone else out.

Wanna know what Mathias says? Here you go:

That is so sweet of you! AHHHH! Where did you learn Danish? Should I talk more in Danish? No! I should! When did you start to learn? Your pronunciation is terrible though, but it's a start!

Lutz! The newspaper says that the seagull population has increased in summer. Isn't that nice? Seagulls scream like ...

Have you heard about the new town project?