Danish Lessons - Part 1

1st Jan 2020, 10:25 AM in Welcome to Mistika
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Danish Lessons - Part 1
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Owl_Ask 1st Jan 2020, 10:25 AM edit delete
A little get to know the Trash bois comic.

Mathias is actually a Dane and learned English at school (which is impressive that he speaks it so fluently *thinks about how bad my school French is*)
Lutz, on the other hand, being adopted at an early age by an Irish family grew up with English and literally can't speak any other language. Mainly because he didn't bother at school. So at one point, Lutz decided to put some effort and surprise Mathias with some Danish sentences. Of course, Mathias reacts like any non-English speaking person would: BY BEING SUPER TOUCHED BY THIS INCREDIBLE SWEET GESTURE (you can say I have experience in this. Hahaha).

Oh, btw Lutz is saying: Hi Mathias! You look good today.